Fuping Pottery Art Village (FPAV) is in the north section of Qiaoshan Road, Fuping County. It is the first culture-oriented touring center on the theme of ceramic art in China, which combines catering, accommodation, recreation, entertainment, ecological sight-seeing orchards, potting and claying together and received the honors of three-stars- foreign-affairs hotel, ¡°Member of China Hotel Association¡±, the only association member of IAC in the mainland of China£¬¡°Model of Nationwide Industrial Tourism¡±, ¡°Model Base of Provincial Cultural Industry¡±, ¡°Enterprise of Provincial Landscape style¡± and so on.

More than 120 guest rooms of different types are available in the hotel; The large dining hall with the capacity of over 500 persons is wide and bright and the elegant rooms and banquet hall are of distinctive features; What¡¯s more, teahouses, bars, sauna and bath, gymnasium, hairdressing and pediluvium, fishing, special barbecue, all these can help you release traveling fatigue and make you relax; Meeting rooms are in different size ,which can provide places and related services for different kinds of meetings and evening parties.
The pottery workshop is capable of holding hundreds of visitors to have fun potting and claying, which reminds you of happiness of youth and makes the dream of being a ceramist come true for once.
The pottery making workshop with more than ten years¡¯ development history, has formed a technical process from milling clay, making, brushing glaze to final firing. Many folk arts are in mass production by casting slip there. Over ten folk technicians work here and their works rang from hand throwing, engraving, making clay sculptures, creating traditional cultural arts and folk arts, such as ¡°Flour Flower¡±, mascots, ceramic hanging dishes, tea sets and so on. The company is regarded as the platform to provide a high cultural exchanges and cooperation because of lots of artists from home and abroad.

There are eight exhibition halls in FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums, including 21 state-level pottery art museums and International Ceramic Documentary Center, to display over 10,000 pieces of art works created by more than 500 ceramists from 47 countries and regions.
The museums provide a good chance for visitors to understand the international and domestic culture of the ceramic.
The ecological sight-seeing orchards, with fresh air and attractive scenery, cover an area of around 1000 mu. Live here, pick up and taste fruits, listen to the birds singing and enjoy the happiness of staying here. It will be a best place for family gatherings and holiday.
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